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Summer Staff Positions

Camp StafferSummer staff are the bread and butter of our Summer program. Summer staff typically hail from the tri-state area, we also employ ‘International Staff’ often from Europe. These young professionals all come together two weeks before the start of camp for staff training. We have an intense training program which blends leadership, faith, and community to prepare our ideal summer staff. We take hiring these inspired young individuals very seriously, and we have stringent requirements for your child’s caretakers. All staff members, regardless of their role must pass a background check. We do thorough interviews, and hand select the best young leaders to enhance your child’s camp experience.

Current Positions Available:

How to Apply

Do you think you could be the next great J-burg counselor? We hire individuals from all walks of life, however we do require all full time counselors to be 18 years of age at the start of the summer, and to have completed one year of university or comparable experience. Occasionally we will have support positions for minors.

Many of our applicants are aspiring counselors who have completed the Leadership Track at Johnsonburg. Comparable experience is duly accepted, and participating in Leadership courses at Johnsonburg is not required to become a staff member, nor is the completion of any such program a guarantee for future employment. If you feel that you are qualified please email Program Director, Tom Paradise, at tom@campjburg.org. We do require references, which can be faxed or emailed to our Program Director. Most applicants will be given an interview date upon the completion of their application. Interviews are done in late winter & early spring in person or through Skype.

Successful applicants are individuals who represent Johnsonburg’s values.

Year-round Positions