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Donation Options


  • Donate by check or credit card. You can either mail in a check, or send a payment with your credit card through our secure account found on our web site. Click here to donate by credit card. New this year is the opportunity to give on a monthly basis.
  • Check out the “Giving Tree”. This is a unique opportunity to give and have a leaf engraved on our tree in the dining hall at camp.
  • Will – You can provide a bequest in your will for a dollar amount, percentage of your estate, or a residuary amount to Johnsonburg Presbyterian Center. The funds will be used for the long-term financial strength of the ministry.
  • Distribution from Retirement Account – You can name Johnsonburg Presbyterian Center as a designated beneficiary of a specific dollar amount, or percentage of the account upon death. Gifts of retirement assets provide significant income and estate tax benefits and require the use of a designated beneficiary form with the plan administrator. A bequest of retirement assets is of no effect.
  • Gift Annuity – This is a contract between you and Johnsonburg Presbyterian Center to provide a guaranteed lifetime annuity for yourself and, if desired, for another individual. Gift annuities provide significant tax and financial benefits for the donor. A confidential personalized analysis can be provided upon request.
  • Life Insurance – A donor can make Johnsonburg Presbyterian Center the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Older policies are excellent gift assets as they give a charitable income tax deduction of approximately the current cash value of the policy. With new policies, donors receive a current charitable deduction for the premium payments on the policy.
  • To donate stocks, call our office at 908-852-2349 and we will take the appropriate information.
  • If you would like to make a larger donation to the camp, please contact us for assistance.


Your gifts of items will definitely help advance the ministry of Camp Johnsonburg. Perhaps you have an item that is in good working order, but is no longer being used. Or you are involved in a business that could support the ministry through one of these in-kind opportunities. You can also make a financial gift designated to purchase a specific item. Please contact the camp to see where our needs currently are and remember, we always have needs!