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Campers at NightEach year, donations of all sizes support children of all ages to attend life-changing ministry. Making a donation to the Scholarship Fund is truly one of the best ways to support the life changing experiences of a child. Scholarships are provided for youth retreats, camperships, and other programs. Please consider giving generously to this fund!

To set up a Sponsorship account:

Create an account for who is sponsoring. You can either call the office and we can assist you or set up an account online where you will set up the sponsorship. You will then create a sponsorship code you can give to parents. You can pay the payment by credit card or mail a check made out to Johnsonburg Presbyterian Center. Whichever you would prefer.

If you, your organization or group supports sending campers to come to camp, any amount will help in supporting a family in need. This will allow you to create what you would like to give to campers, or programs. You will need to specify the total cost you would like to give and create a sponsorship code to share with families. These codes can be used by campers or other program. They work by transferring the amount to the total cost of your account. Your account will allow you to see when the code is being used and make an online payment for the running balance.