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“How can we help?” This is a question we are often asked by friends of Camp Johnsonburg . In addition to financial gifts, the ministry has been blessed over the years by “in-kind” gifts of equipment, vehicles and services. These gifts save the ministry thousands of dollars and often provide the camp with equipment or resources that it could not otherwise afford or obtain. Donations, gifts and volunteers make a huge difference in the day to day ministry of Camp Johnsonburg. Please consider how you might support the ministry.

There are many ways that you can support camp Johnsonburg…

Become a camp advocate in your church

These are people who take responsibility for getting camp related information out to the people in their church congregation. We’ll send announcements, brochures, bulletin inserts and other information and we ask the advocates to ensure they are properly distributed. Many advocates also do things like put up camp bulletin boards, do a Johnsonburg minute for mission, etc. If you’re interested in being an advocate in your church, contact us at info@campjburg.org.

Churches: Send campers

Are you looking to send campers to Johnsonburg. You can sponsor a campership or send campers.

If you are sending campers to camp, you will set up a sponsorship account through our online registration system. This will allow you to create what you would like to give to campers. You will need to create a sponsorship code to give to families.

To set up a Sponsorship account or want to learn more you can contact our office, or create an online account where you will set up the sponsorship. For more information look under campership information.

Volunteer during summer camp

Each year our summer staff is augmented by numerous volunteers. You could spend a week (or more) as a counselor, lifeguard, or helping in the kitchen or office. Volunteers must complete an application and undergo a background check, like all full time summer staff. In addition, volunteer counselors must attend the first weekend of our summer staff training.

Bring a work group to camp

digging-ditchWe always have projects that need to be done and we’re blessed with many folks who help us with these. Work groups have done things like painting, wood splitting, roofing, mulch spreading and many others. We can find a suitable project for groups of just about any size or skill level.

Help at Spruce Up Day

Each spring, usually in early May, we hold “Spruce Up Day” where a host of folks come up for the day to help us get ready for summer. Projects typically include setting up dining flies and tents, painting, trail clearing, work in the garden, etc. We provide lunch, and the volunteers provide the labor.

Share your skills!

Camp Johnsonburg can always benefit from the gifts of our supporters. Things like graphic design, web-site development, and marketing are always in demand, along with many other skill sets like roofing and plumbing. Be in touch to see how you might be able to help!

Be a Weekend Host

We are looking for some adults to help provide hospitality to our weekend groups, primarily from Saturday dinner through mid-afternoon on Sundays, but occasionally for a whole weekend. Primary tasks include hosting and starting meals in the dining hall, being available for basic maintenance needs, and closing buildings at the end of the weekend. In exchange we provide you with meals, lodging, and use of the site.


If you cannot help us financially, you can always add us to your prayers! Pray for the ministry here at Camp Johnsonburg, the full time staff, summer staff and the children that will be inspired by our programs and spiritual events in their lives.