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Summer Camp: Ages 6 – 11

For a complete schedule of date and times for camps offered to children ages 6-11, visit our Summer Camp Schedule page.


Price: $520/595/670

A full week experience of awesome camp activities! At the beginning of the week, you pick an activity to focus on for a part of each day and become the best you can in that skill area. Spend time with your cabin group enjoying all of the other camp activities too- you choose as a group!

EPIC Two Week (Ages 8-11)

Price: $995/1145/1295

Want even more of the activities that you love? Then you will think this is totally EPIC: 2 weeks of camp! You, your fellow campers, and counselors will get to know each other over two weeks of camp. Do virtually everything at camp and experience camp on the weekend while continuing to bond with friends!

Genesis (Half Week)

Price: $270/345/420 (Sun-Wed); $270/345/420 (Wed-Sun)

For the new/younger camper at Johnsonburg… Come experience all the fun camp has to offer in just 3 days! Swim, hike, boat, sing around campfires, learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, and have a ton of fun! Experienced staff will focus on you and your friends and help you have the most stellar time at camp possible. (Sun-Wed afternoon or Wed-Sun afternoon) (Note: Cabin or Lodge options depending on the week.)

Day Camp

Price: $275/330/410

Live the Johnsonburg life, but sleep in your own bed! Start your day with breakfast at camp, then enjoy activities like boating, climbing, arts and crafts, hiking, and cooking over a fire. Head home after time in the lake or pool each afternoon! 7:45am- 5:15pm.

Science Week

Price: $520/595/670

Explore science, technology, engineering, mathematics and biology! Experience the best of camp activities too! Share what you discovered at the Friday Science Expo.

Campers in Training (C.I.T.)

Price: $255/330/405

(Formerly known as You & Me) Designed for children (ages 4-11) and an adult (parent, grandparent, etc.) to enjoy camp together! Our summer staff will lead activities throughout the day. Choose to stay in a cabin (walk to bathhouse) or Cedar Meadow Lodge (private bath in each room).

Farm & Garden (Ages 6-11)

Price: $520/595/670

A favorite in 2015, it is back! Hands-on time with farm animals, dig in the garden, cook in the kitchen and learn about bees, bunnies, chickens, sheep, and more.