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Rates & Dates

Week/Dates Ages 6-11 Ages 12-14 Ages 14-18
Week 1
June 25-July 1
EPIC 1$520/595/670
Genesis (Lodge)$270/345/420
Genesis (Lodge)$270/345/420 (Wed-Sat)
Day Camp$275/330/410
Middle School Mayhem I$520/595/670
Rides & Slides I$640/715/790
Rocks & Ropes I$570/645/720
High School Hangout I$520/595/670
Rides and Slide I$640/715/790
CREW I$210
Week 2
July 2-8
Camp Joy July 2-6 – Contact the Camp Office for price
FAMILY CAMP (3-Day Option/July 7-9)
Ages 0-3: Free
Ages 4-11: $115/165/215 (Cabin) $135/185/235 (Lodge)
Age 12-120: $220/270/320 (Cabin) $230/290/340 (Lodge)
FAMILY CAMP (5-Day Option/July 5-9)
Ages 0-3: Free
Ages 4-11: $185/265/340 (Cabin) $205/280/355 (Lodge)
Age 12-120: $355/430/505 (Cabin) $375/450/525 (Lodge)
CREW I (continued)
Friends Day July 8$10 per person
Week 3
July 9-15
EPIC III$520/595/670
Epic 2-week $995/1145/1295
Genesis (Cabin)$270/345/420 (Sun-Wed)
Genesis (Cabin)$270/345/420 (Wed-Sun)
Day Camp
Middle School Mayhem (2 week) – $995/1145/1295
Nightowls $520/595/670
Hike and Paddle$850/925/1000
PLTP I$840/905/990
LTP I$910/985/1055
Week 4
July 16-22
EPIC (2 week continued)
EPIC IV$520/595/670
Day Camp$275/330/410
Science Week$520/595/670
Middle School Mayhem (2 week continued) –
Middle School Mayhem IV$520/595/670
Science Week$520/595/670
High School Hangout IV – $520/595/670
Hike and Paddle, LTP I, PLTP I, Crew II (continued from previous week)
Week 5
July 23-29
EPIC V$520/595/670
Campers in Training CIT (formerly You & Me)$255/330/405
Day Camp$275/330/410
Middle School Mayhem V$520/595/670
Delaware River Canoe Adventure$540/615/680
LTP I (continued)
Lodge Hangout$520/595/670
M.A.D. $520/595/670
PLTP II$910/985/1055
LTP II$900/975/1045
Week 6
July 30-August 5
Epic VI$520/595/670
Farm and Garden VI$520/595/670
Genesis (Lodge)$270/345/420 (Sun-Wed)
Genesis (Lodge)$270/345/420 (Wed-Sat)
Day Camp$275/330/410
Middle School Mayhem VI
Farm and Garden VI$520/595/670
High School Hangout VI$520/595/670
Delaware River Canoe Adventure$540/615/680
PLTP II, LTP II, CREW III (continued from previous week)
Week 7
August 6-12
Epic VII$520/595/670
Farm and Garden VII$520/595/670
Day Camp$275/330/410
Middle School Mayhem VII$520/595/670
Rides and Slides VII$640/715/790
Farm and Garden VII$520/595/670
Rides and Slides VII$640/715/790
LTP II (continued)

Tiered Pricing – Why 3 Prices?

Realizing that everyone has a different ability to pay, Johnsonburg has instituted a voluntary three-tier fee program. You may choose the tier that is most suitable for your situation. It is really a free will system; you tell us what is affordable for you or your family. All participants receive the same camp experience no matter what they pay! For those who cannot afford Tier 1, additional financial assistance is available to ensure all children, youth and adults have the wonderful opportunity to attend camp.

The Tiers

Tier I is our historically subsidized rate and does not reflect the true cost of operating summer camp programs.

Tier II is our partially subsidized fee for those who can pay a little more but still cannot afford the actual cost of camp.

Tier III more closely accounts for the true costs of camp, including wear and tear of facilities and grounds.

Multiple Camper Discount

To help families with multiple children attending camp we’re offering a $25 reduction in the cost of camp for each additional registration after the first. For example, if a family sends two children to camp, the first will be billed at full cost and the second will be given a $25 discount. Please call if you have any questions!