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High Adventure Programs

Delaware River Appalachian Trail Allamuchy State Park Dorney Park & Wild Water Kingdom

Camp Johnsonburg has High Adventure Programs!

Canoe Trip on The Delaware or combine hiking and canoeing for our two week Hike and Paddle Unit! (For Senior Highs)

Campers prepare for the trip, and then depart on their journey of a hike on the Appalachian trail or the Delaware for a few nights. Each night the Unit will stop, and set up camp in a designated area for dinner over a fire or fuel stove. They will learn outdoor skills, from our experienced camp staff and have fun doing it!

High Adventure Trips allow for campers to branch out in structure and challenge themselves in a different environment than the typical camp environment. Campers have new experiences as well as bonding with other campers. Adventure trips forge closer bonds because of the nature of the program.

  • Meals are discussed by campers and packed in bags as lightweight as possible.
  • Camp provides food for the trip which is broken down by campers to be carried and rationed out.
  • Cooking utensils and fuel stoves are also provided.
  • Hiking frame packs are NOT provided by camp.

The High Adventure Trips are planned and attended by our Adventure Director, who is a trained medical professional.