When does camp begin and end?
A one week session of camp begins with the arrival of campers between 2:30 and 3:30 on Sunday. The week closes at 9:00 on Saturday with a closing slideshow! 
What should I pack?
Download our Packing List
Can I come with a friend?
Yes! These requests can be made during online registration. Camp however, is a great place to make new friends!
Are all your units co-ed?
Not always! Some events are more popular with one or the other sex, and occasionally we will have single sex units. We’ve found that because our camp schedule offers plenty of time to mingle with other units, this can even enhance one’s camp experience. Each summer there are often events that are advertised as single-sex, which can offer a different internal experience to those interested in that avenue. For the most part, however, camp units are traditionally co-ed.
May I come for two consecutive weeks?
Yes! Summer 2016 will feature a variety of two-week camping options for all age groups. Two week events will offer weekend programming and an extended camp experience. This Summer we will not be offering stay-over weekends for campers interested in consecutive 1-week events. We encourage campers to come for multiple one-week events, but to spend Saturday & Sunday with their families.
Where will I swim?
Campers swim in both the swimming pool in Middle Meadow as well as the lake. Campers love the lake for Polar Bear Swims (before breakfast), the water mat and the Spinwheel. Everyone wears a life vest to swim in the glacial lake which is stream-fed and a favorite of all ages!
Can you accommodate special dietary needs?
Yes we can! Our chef is happy to accommodate dietary needs of all campers. We’ve had plenty of experience with gluten free, egg free, and even raw vegan individuals. If your child has special dietary needs or food allergies please be sure to note them in your online registration.
Can I call or text my child?
 No. We do not permit campers to keep cellphones with them. Camp is an experience geared at independence, leadership, & community. We strongly encourage campers to leave their devices at home, to establish a tech break, and an opportunity for independence. For parents, we ask for your support in this venture. If your child brings a phone to camp, it will be taken from them, and returned to the parent/guardian at pick up. If you’d like to communicate with your child we suggest sending them with mailing supplies. Parents are welcome to e-mail their child through their UltraCamp account. All mail is delivered at lunch time.
What is the Canteen?
The Canteen is the name for our camp store, now located in the Recreation Center. We have a variety of things available for purchase, from flashlights to jewelry, frisbees to sweatshirts. we have recently been featuring free trade items! The canteen is open every day, including Saturday’s and Sunday’s for parents to shop! Campers are not encouraged to bring cash to camp, instead we suggest adding money to your campers online canteen account. He or she can purchase items using this account while at camp.
Where will my child bathe and do laundry?
 Every cabin & unit is assigned to a bath house, this is where your child will bathe. All shower stalls are private and have curtains or doors. In the teen female & male bathhouses the changing areas are communal.

Your child (unless an incident occurs) will not have an opportunity to do laundry during a one week session. Those enrolled in two or three week sessions will either have their laundry done for them, or they will do it at the Cedar Meadow Laundry Room over the weekend. All camper laundry is done on weekends.  

What is the food like?
Great, made from scratch food prepared by our full time Chef and kitchen staff! We do our best to accommodate all dietary needs.
Can my child bring food or snacks to camp?
No. We discourage campers from bringing any food into camp! As we are a peanut free facility this helps ensure safety, and helps to keep the wildlife at bay. Snacks are available for purchase at the canteen (camp store) throughout the day and in the evening!
What happens during severe weather?
During severe weather all campers will be moved to an indoor location. In most cases, this would be the recreation center. The camper’s would remain indoors until the severe weather has passed, or in more serious situations, until other arrangements can be made.
Discipline Policy
Our staff work to keep all campers safe emotionally and physically. When safety breaks down and a camper bullies, intimidates, or strikes another camper, she or he will be asked to leave the event without refund. It is our hope that we can intercede and work to resolve conflict in healthy ways before this drastic step must be taken.
Do you have a medical staff on duty?
Is your camp accredited by the American Camping Association?
Prohibited in Camp
Board policy prohibits drugs and tobacco products, in camp or on camp trips. We prohibit alcohol possession & consumption in camp during any event involving minors. Anyone possessing these substances, or are found to have violated other policies, will be asked to leave the event without refund.
Can my camper drive to camp?
Yes. They will turn in their keys upon arrival and the keys will be returned the final day of camp.
Can I bring packages/mail for my camper at Checkin?
Yes! Label when you want things delivered and we’ll get it to your camper on that day. Please do not send gum, candy or food.
Is there financial assistance?
Yes! Please check with your church first. If you do not belong to a church or your church does not offer summer camperships, please let us know and we will help. We do not want anyone to miss the opportunity to come to camp! Thanks to the generosity of donors, there are scholarships available. Please complete a Campership Application Form and submit to the camp office via mail, fax or email to see if you qualify.
What is in the Camp Store?
You can buy camp clothing, letter writing materials, stuffed animals, flashlights, snacks, and much more. It is open during the week and during pickup and arrival. We suggest a minimum of $25 in your Camp Store account, with more if you’d like a sweatshirt or other items. Add money to your account online to save time at check-in!
Cancellation Policy
Refunds, minus the $100 nonrefundable deposit will be made if a cancellation is received four weeks or more before the camp is scheduled to begin. Requests for refunds due to illness or accident must be accompanied by a doctor’s note. No refund will be issued or prorated portion for early departure from an event due to a camper violation of policy or for reasons of personal choice (e.g. homesickness). Campers who fail to show up for an event which they have registered, are responsible for full amount of the event. All requests for refunds must be made in writing to the office.
Refund Policy
Refunds, minus the $100 no refundable deposit will be made if a cancellation is received four weeks or more before the event is scheduled to begin. Requests for refunds due to illness or accident must be accompanied by a doctor’s note. We cannot issue a refund for early departure from an event due to camper violation of policy (e.g. possession of tobacco) or for reasons of personal choice (e.g. homesickness). All requests for refunds should be made in writing to the office.
Can I claim part of the camper fee as childcare costs on my tax forms?
In some cases, camper fees can be tax deductible as childcare costs. Please check with your Tax Accountant to see if this applies to you.