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Jburg on the Road: Traveling Daycamp

Johnsonburg on the RoadTraveling Daycamp is a week-long partnership between congregations and Johnsonburg to provide the opportunity to bring outdoor ministry and congregational ministry together! Johnsonburg will provide the programming which include staff, art supplies, equipment for activities, curriculum resources and activities. The curriculum is centered on faith and encourages hands-on learning and fun! We bring camp to you! (how cool is that?) The congregation should provide support, promotion of the program, and involvement. The Traveling Day Camp staff team is comprised of young adults who love children, who care about the ministry of outdoor leadership, and each bring special talents with them such as worship skills and bible study.

The purpose of Traveling Day Camp is to assist congregations and develop a relation. We hope to get young children and youth excited about camp but more importantly the meaning of congregational ministry and growing in faith. We are flexible, camp staff will work with the church to meet the needs of your church and the site.

Tiered Pricing Options:

Tier One – $1300

Tier Two– $1750

Tier Three- $2300

Check out the Jburg on the Road Packet 2018 for tons more information!



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