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Medical coverage includes a trained medical professional (doctor, Registered Nurse, paramedic) 24/7, and our well-equipped infirmary is ready to handle any situation around the clock. Campers’ medication is stored under lock and key as required by the American Camp Association and is brought to them at the time called for by doctor’s instruction. All of our medical staff are licensed by the State of New Jersey.

Since our medical team is on site any time campers are present, medical situations can be handled with great speed and efficiency. For emergencies, we also have an AED (automated external defibrillator) on site and qualified staff trained to use it. While very rarely needed, medical specialists are just 15 miles away in nearby Hackettstown and Newton, NJ.


acaOur American Camp Association accreditation ensures we maintain a safe, quality environment for our campers and staff. We make sure to have an overall supervisor for all specialized activities, who is a certified adult with experience and documented training.

We control access to all specialized activity areas and always uphold strict operating procedures. At Camp Johnsonburg, we have up-to-date safety equipment for every camper in any activity that may require it. We have appropriately certified lifeguards and aquatic observers for all of our water activities at the lake and the pool. In addition, we ensure that staff accompanying campers on out-trips possess appropriate certifications as lifeguards, wilderness first aid or wilderness first responders.