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Special Campaign: The Waterfront

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For the past 35 years, the swimming and fishing docks, as well as the Lakeside Fire Circle have served the community of Johnsonburg Camp & Retreat Center. These areas have provided many guests with endless memories, countless stories, a splash of excitement and the possibility to grow closer with God and one another around the campfire. The lake ranks #1 on camper evaluations and is a favorite spot of alumni and guests.

The existing dock design does not support the program goals of Johnsonburg. Due to the deterioration of the aging docks, they are less buoyant and prone to splintering. The eroded paths to the fishing and swimming docks are hazardous. The Lakeside Fire Circle is unsafe and uncomfortable. The time has come to renovate the waterfront and provide an even more memorable experience. Imagine a new waterfront for the Johnsonburg community.

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Our Vision

The Docks

Low profile dock for easy boat access and swimming; separate fishing dock and swim island

Lakeside Fire Circle

New patio surface including etched bricks
and a low sitting wall around a fire pit


The Paths

Paver paths to Lakeside Fire Circle, boating and swimming dock; improved trail to the fishing dock


The Docks

As the only access to the lake, the docks are critical for swimming, boating, and fishing. The new docks and kayak launch will enable campers and guests to enjoy all of these aquatic activities safely and simultaneously.

Lakeside Fire Circle

Gathering places are important in the life of any community, and this special place near the lake has become a favorite for so many! For campfires under the starry sky with songs, tasty treats like s’mores, and storytelling … for sitting silently to listen to the birds, the frogs, the wind in the trees … for engaging in discussion about Bible study, life … and more.

“The water has always been a place of calm for me and having a fire circle so close to the water… also allows for amazing conversations. [This] makes it one of my most favorite parts of camp.” – Colin

Guests and campers of all ages have gathered at this spot to prepare for an early morning dip in the lake, to an evening boat ride to search for the many turtles who inhabit Glover’s Pond. With a restored clear view to the lake, ample seating for large groups, a safe fire pit, and increased accessibility, the new Lakeside Fire Circle will continue to be a memorable gathering place.

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