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Strategic Vision

Core Values

  • That through scripture, worship, prayer, meditation, witness, and the power of the Holy Spirit, people come to know God and deepen their faith in Christ Jesus.
  • That there is value in simple living, the spiritual disciplines, and the restorative effects of time devoted to retreat and renewal.
  • That we must open our hearts and our doors to all people because every person is created in the image of God and has inherent value.
  • That racism and other attitudes of bias and hatred can be diminished in a Christian community that welcomes all.
  • That there is value in small groups within which individuals are welcomed and encouraged to express their uniqueness, and yet remain responsible for supporting the rights of others.
  • That emotionally and physically safe environments, guided by caring and trusted adults, are essential to healthy growth.
  • That the camp and retreat setting allows the time and opportunity for laughter and the enjoyment of group activities that form deep, often lifelong friendships based on God’s love.
  • That time spent in a natural outdoor setting engenders a respect for nature, a commitment to stewardship, and awe in the presence of God’s creation.
  • That the Center must meet and exceed the standards for safety and operational excellence as set forth by the Warren County Health Department, the New Jersey State Department of Health, and the American Camping Association.
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