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2017 Camp Brochure Has Been Released

2017 Camp Brochure Has Been Released

The 2017 Camp Johnsonburg brochure has been released. This year’s theme is “Branching Out.”

Why Camp Johnsonburg? Here are three reasons why:

  • Make Friends—At camp, there are no social groups or cliques. There are no labels. Camp is the place where kids make their very best friends. Under the careful watch of trained counselors, campers experience life in a welcoming community. Jburg alumni consistently share stories about lifelong friends they met at camp!
  • Unplug— Let’s face it: we are glued to our screens. Coming away to camp provides a place to detach and experience face-to-face interactions. Recent research supports the benefits of time in nature. Walking to the dining hall, the archery range and the lake; playing outside; holding animals and looking at Saturn through a telescope are all big and small opportunities to breathe fresh air, look and think about God’s creation!
  • Nourish Faith– Small group discussions and new challenges allow campers to ask questions, ponder, pray and worship in an outdoor setting. For so many, Johnsonburg is their 2nd home- and the place where they feel closest to God

Elise Bates Russell – Executive Director

Tom Paradise – Program Director

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  1. Please send a dozen brochures to Boonton United Methodist Church. Thank you.

    • Hello Janet,

      They will hit the mail today! Thanks for reaching out!